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In the Spring of 1999 I took a one month trek across Europe. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Gothic architecture in Paris, France.
View of The Louvre Museum Paris, France
A self portrait while walking the streets of Amsterdam.
Dam Square, Amsterdam. I will live there some day I am sure of it. Amsterdam is the most amazing city I have had the pleasure of visiting.
A small park just off the promenade in Cannes, France
A busy street in Cannes. The Cannes Film Festival was about three days away, which I assume added to the mass of tourists and cars moving up and down along the beach promenade.
I love this shot. The Eiffel Tower is an amazing site to see. No matter how many picture you see of it, standing there in front of it is an amazing experience. First time I arrived in Paris - it was night. I was walking around, trying see something, anything really of interest. Standing in a large open square, cars rushing by me, I turned around and there it was, pointing up from the sky line. A brightly lit orange spike. The Eiffel Tower. It's hard to describe the rush of emotions I felt at that moment. Simply put - awesome! I was in Paris.
The Eiffel Tower at night.
A view from the hills in Nice. Next to Antibes, Nice is my favorite city in France. (so far - I still have some exploring to do.) Don't let Paris's rude waiters spoil France for you. Go to Nice. The people are just like the name.
The Parishans absolutely love their dogs.
Nice, France
A very different style of life. Things take time. The service is always excellent. At first you enjoy all the pampering. But after a while I actually found myself yearning for a Starbuck's togo cup Latte'. I am an American, that's for sure.
Traveling by train is so much more enjoyable that traveling by air. Especially in the U.S.. Sardine Class can not compare to this method of travel.
Arc de Triomphe Paris, France.
A funky cool late night club near Dam Square, Amsterdam.
A composite of the port in Nice, France.
A friend I made in an Irish Pub in Amsterdam. ( I think he was a friend, he might have been thinking, 'lunch'. )
What a way to start the day. The magazine is Italian I believe.   ( Even with the instructions - I *still* haven't solved that damn ring! )