Jim Mathies

Technical Summary

    Compiled Languages C++, C, C#
    Scripting Languages JavaScript, Python, Lua
    Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 Desktop/Win8 Metro)
    Windows Phone
    Apple OS X
    Technologies Mozilla XUL and Platform development
    Windows 8 Runtime (RT) APIs
    Windows 8 app development
    Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
    Windows Forms
    Microsoft Component Object Model (COM)
    Microsoft Active Template Library (ATL)
    Microsoft Windows Template Library (WTL)
    Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)
    Microsoft Windows API (Win32 API) Web Services (SOAP/Rest)
    Specific Expertise Mozilla Platform Development
    Windows 8 Metro enabled desktop browser development
    Microsoft Internet Explorer interfacing and embedding (MSHTML, Web Browser Control)
    Microsoft Internet Explorer Extensions - Browser Helper Objects (BHO), Active-X Controls, Toolbars
    Microsoft Office Component Add-ins (COM Add-ins)
    Internationalization and localization
    Internationalized Domain Names (IDNA)
    Unicode Normalization techniques
    OpenGL API
    Development Environments
    and Tools
    Microsoft Visual Studio
    InstallShield MSI Development
    VMWare Workstation

Work History

Full-time Employment

2002 - present

    Mozilla Corporation - May 2007 to present

    Sr. software engineer working with the Platform Integration team. Developed various contributions for Firefox, Firefox Mobile, and the Mozilla platform. Specializing in Windows operating system integration for Mozilla applications.

    Currently the engineering lead for the development of Mozilla's Windows 8 Metro Firefox.


    VeriSign Inc. - March 2002 to May 2007

    Senior Windows software design and development engineer. Worked within the Advanced Products Research Group investigating new product and service opportunities. Responsibilities included new product research and prototyping, design, development, and maintenance of numerous Windows applications and services.


    • Development of VeriSign's IDNA extension software which provided IDNA support in Internet Explorer, Outlook 2000, 2002, and 2003, Outlook Express, and the Windows Address book. The entire software package was distributed online to approximately 20 million users worldwide.
    • Development of VeriSign's EPC Explorer desktop application used as an internal sales tool to promote VeriSign's backend RFID initiatives.
    • Development of VeriSign's NewsDesk desktop news aggregation application oriented toward business use of RSS and related news services.
    • Development on VeriSign's open source IDN SDK cross platform library.
    • Development of various internal demos, prototypes, and trade show related sales tool applications.

    Experience Detail:

    • User Interface design
    • C# / C++ / ANSI c
    • .NET / Windows Forms / MFC
    • ATL/WTL programming
    • XML / MSXML / Web Services
    • SOAP Communications
    • COM development
    • Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object (BHO) development
    • MSHTML Documet Object Model (DOM) interfacing
    • Outlook COM Ad-ins
    • Outlook Express plug-in development
    • Install Shield / MSI Software Installations
    • Digital Certificates / Crypto API / Encryption / Decryption
    • Certificate authentication using WinVerifyTrust and the MS Crypto API
    • Software Update Services
    • Internationalization & localization
    • IDNA (RFC 3490)
    • Serial / TCP/IP driver development (RFID tag reader interfacing)
    • RFID
    • Supply Chain Management / Pr duction
    • ePedigree / Drug shipment verification
    • eToken / fob interfacing
    • Object Name Service

Software Contractor

1998 - 2002

    Open Network Enterprise - February 2002 to March 2002

    Design specification for a custom web browser control using Internet Explorer's MSHTML COM object.

    Experience Detail:

    • C / C++ software design
    • COM development
    • Microsoft MSHTML COM Object hosting
    • Software Design and documentation

    Codereactor Inc. - December 2000 to March 2001

    Developed web based server appliance network management application using Python on OpenBSD.

    Experience Detail:

    • Python scripting
    • OpenBSD network services and administration
    • OpenBSD installation and management
    • Unix services installation

    Yindo Inc. - June 2000 June 2001

    Developing a 'Java like' web based application platform based on open source technology. The core emphasis of the project was on developing a simplistic, powerful web based programming environment for graphics and games which hosted the Lua virtual machine.

    Experience Detail:

    • C and C++ software development
    • Windows API
    • OpenGL API
    • API design and development
    • Scripting language interfaces
    • Lua
    • ATL/COM component development
    • Netscape Plugin SDK

    U1 Consulting - January 2000 to June 2000

    Project involved the development of Sigaba Corporation's SigabaSecure Email Client for web based email services. Developed a BHO for Internet Explorer and a plugin for Netscape which encrypted and decrypted web based emails. Responsible for initial project design and documentation, and the development of version 1.0.

    Experience Detail:

    • C and C++ software development
    • Windows API
    • ATL/COM component development
    • Internet Explorer Browser Helper Objects
    • Netscape Plugin SDK
    • MSHTML COM interfacing and manipulation
    • Requirements and design documentation

    Sega - June 1999 to January 2000.

    Project involved the development of the Kage Multiplayer Network SDK for the Sega Dreamcast console.

    Experience Detail:

    • C and C++ software development
    • model-view controller design and development
    • Developed a standard TCP/IP stack interface for multiple TCP/IP libraries
    • Developed a custom memory manager for the Dreamcast
    • Developed a prototype ELF binary loader in C
    • Developed C/C++ Windows CE TCP/IP interface
    • Developed C based Kamui2 Graphics Drawing application framework
    • Developed a number of networking test programs and samples for Windows CE and the dreamcast's proprietary operating system
    • Converted Ninja based code to Kamui/Kamui2

    LookSmart Inc. - November 1998 to April 1999

    Project involved the development of a Tcl based middleware technology for LookSmart Inc.. This technology was used in developing the Smartlinks product featured on the company's site. Involved in the development and release of three versions of the software. 1.0 - initial conversion from a perl based app plus added features, 1.2 - new interface and flow design, and 2.0 - complete redesign to incorporate a relational database (Oracle) as the datasource. 2.0 also included a new authenticated members area which offered return user customization of the service's features.

    Experience Detail:

    • Technology analys s, assessment, design, documentation and development
    • Project management
    • Tcl scripting on Solaris
    • Oracle Databases operating on Linux
    • Database schema design and implementation
    • ODBC interface development

Full-time Employment

1993 - 1998

    Frogdesign San Francisco - January 1998 to September 1999

    Worked full-time as the lead developer/network administrator for the San Francisco office. Worked closely with clients and project managers in assembling resources and developing project schedules and budgets. Managed consultants hired to work on projects. Software development.

    Experience Detail:

    • C and C++ software development
    • Windows API
    • Internet Explorer COM object embedding
    • HTML, Javascript, DOM scripting
    • ColdFusion application development for company's internal intranet
    • Lingo scripting
    • Network administration and management (Solaris, Irix, NT, MacOS, DNS, Apache)

    Prophet Communications - January 1997 to January 1998

    Worked full-time as the lead developer/network administrator for a creative web design firm. Company was purchased by Frogdesign in the fall of 1998.

    Experience Detail:

    • Developed a number of complex Java applets for client web sites
    • C/Unix server development
    • Perl/Unix scripting
    • HTML, Javascript, DOM scripting
    • ColdFusion application development for a number of client web sites
    • Lingo scripting

    Dedicated Net Machines Ltd. - January 1996 to January 1997

    Responsible for the hardware engineering and software development of a public internet access kiosk for a Virgina based startup. Developed company's kiosk user interface and networking software for Windows NT, server side kiosk monitoring software, and defined and managed kiosk hardware design and development.

    Experience Detail:

    • C and C++ software development
    • Windows API
    • MFC application development
    • TCP/IP communications
    • NT Server application development
    • Internet Explorer interfacing and embedding
    • WAN network administration

    SymNet Inc. - January 1995 to January 1996

    Co-owner of an ISP / software consulting firm

    Experience Detail:

    • Business management
    • C software development
    • Legacy database conversion for law firms converting to CMS/Open bookkeeping software
    • Network administration
    • People skills
    • Web site design
    • Sales

    National High Magnetic Field Laboratory - 1993 to 1995

    Developed applications for the analysis and visualization of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) research data. Designed digital signal processing hardware to process NMR data in real-time. Assisted in experimentation. Helped to manage a small laboratory.

    Experience Detail:

    • software development in C, C++ and Fortran
    • Scientific analysis software development
    • GPIB protocol hardware interfacing
    • Analog to digital signal conversion
    • Digital circuit design and signal processing
    • LabView experiment control software

    Materials Research and Technology Department, Florida State University - 1992 to 1993

    Developed data visualization software for a vacuum chamber atomic spectrometer.

    Experience Detail:

    • software development in C
    • Analog to digital signal conversion
    • PC interfacing


    Florida State University - Physics (1992 - 1995)

Open Source


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