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  This page is largly obsolete. Please view my blog for the latest updates to software I'm working on.

Daisy News

Daisy news is a web log reading and tracking application designed around Microsoft's new RSS platform. It's primary design encompasses an attempt to take web logs beyond the geek set and into the main stream. It's primary design objective is outward simplicity while still providing the features power users are accustomed too.


Cpw is a application framework library for OpenGL applications and games. It is designed with speed, simplicity, and portability in mind. The interface API is modeled after the GLUT API but is not compatible with it. The core library includes support for windowing and events, user input, menuing, full screen rendering, performance timing, anti-aliased TrueType font rendering, basic image loading and saving, timers, primitive drawing, and much more. The source is true "free software", there are no restrictions on it's use.


GL Toolkits FAQ

A great place to go for answers to some of the most common OpenGL Toolkits programming questions.