N o s t a l g i a :


cherry creek high school, denver colorado

my sister tells me to

'go check out the computer in the library'...

. . a n d . .


martec research center, fsu, fall semester

vax terminal - i gopher to Japan on the i n t e r n e t. wow!

. . a n d . .


dru's slip connection

the sound of that modem

that sounds like my old Apple ][ Novation AppleCat,

but faster...

how does this work?

he said

'i have an ip address, i'm actually part of the network.'


F i r s t  U s e n e t  p o s t i n g :

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From: Jim Mathies (mathies@magnet.fsu.edu)
Subject: Genesis Game Copier 
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sega
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Date: 1994-09-12 03:59:29 PST 

Just wondering if anyone out there has ever seen or heard of a game copier 
for the Sega Genesis or other game systems?  They are most likely illegal
to sell, however I am sure they have been crafted.  Is there anyone out
here who has glimpsed such a beast?  I know a bit about digital electronics 
and would love to hear from those of you who have done research in the 

Jim Mathies

. . .a n d  w h y  I  s w i t c h e d  t o  I n t e l :

> And lets not forget, Windows runs on Intel, the hacker's
> hardware of choice. I have never ever forgiven Apple for
> "closing the backdoors" on the Mac. When the Macintosh
> came out first question I asked was.. how do i call -151?
> When the answer came back I was like, "fuck you too."