Name: FTGL

URL:  http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/henryj/code/index.html

Language: C++

Relies On: FreeType 2.0

Platforms: Win32, Unix, OSX, OS9

License type: LGPL


FTGL is a free, open source library to enable developers to use 
arbitrary fonts in their OpenGL (www.opengl.org) applications.
Unlike other OpenGL font libraries FTGL uses standard font file 
formats so doesn't need a preprocessing step to convert the high 
quality font data into a lesser quality, proprietary format.
FTGL uses the Freetype (www.freetype.org) font library to open and 
'decode' the fonts. It then takes that output and stores it in a 
format most efficient for OpenGL rendering. 

Rendering modes supported:

 Bit maps 
 Anti aliased pix maps 
 Texture maps 
 Polygon meshes 
 Extruded polygon meshes